This blog will be voting Liberal in Market Harborough on 6th May

I was planning tonight to write something amusing about James Taylor’s resemblance to Orinoco Womble, or perhaps just some  thoughts about last weekend’s goings on at Grace Road, but then I thought I really ought to say something about the election (which is tomorrow, I believe).

Happily for me there isn’t a great deal of choice, living where I do.  The Labour Party barely exists in Market Harborough, and certainly has no pretensions to winning the seat.  I have no intention of voting for the BNP, UKIP, or the English Democrats.  So it’s a straight choice between the Liberals and the Tories.

I am, as regular readers of this blog will know, deeply conservative in some ways, but those ways are too deep, or possibly just too perverse to find any expression in the modern Conservative Party.  I can dimly imagine some kind of Oakeshott-Scrutonite conservative party, perhaps manifesting itself as a load of hereditary peers shuffling around in carpet slippers doing as little as possible, that I might consider voting for (or at least consider a Good Thing) but that is very far from what we have on offer tomorrow  (“Vote for change – vote Conservative” my arse) so it’s a definite no from me.  And I am old enough to remember the last time we had a Conservative government and believe me – for any younger readers – it was rough.  The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle’s description of the reign of Stephen and Matilda (“Men said openly that God and His Angels were asleep“) often struck me as apt during the 1980s, and I don’t fancy going through that again.

I have to say, incidentally, that in my very limited dealings with our sitting Tory MP – Edward Garnier – mainly in connection with the triumphant campaign to protect the half-hourly off peak rail services from Harborough Station – I’ve found him very helpful, and indeed liberal.  Perhaps if I knew more about him I’d like him less, but it’s certainly nothing personal.

So my advice – if you happen to live in the Harborough constituency and are not already a committed member of the Liberal Democrats (making this a very narrow form of narrowcasting indeed) – would be to get down to the polling station tomorrow and cast your vote for Zuffar Haq.  This isn’t simply a process of elimination, incidentally: I have voted Liberal more often than not in the past, and am delighted this time to have the chance to vote for a candidate who has a genuine chance of winning the seat.

Back to the cricket at the weekend.


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