Ronnie for Laureate?

Well, this blog did vote for the Liberal Democrats on Thursday, and I’m afraid it wasn’t a great success.  The Conservative was returned with an increased majority.

In other news, another of my tips for the top –  James Taylor – has barely got out of single figures all season.

Coming soon – my tip for the Oxford Poetry Chair, Geoffrey Hill, is beaten by a surprise last minute entry –  Purple Ronnie.

Ronnie commented “Did you know I was David Cameron’s best friend at Eton?  Well, I was.  He said that once I’ve finished at Oxford and that awful woman’s gone I can be the next Poet Laureate too, if he gets to be Prime Minister.  I’ve written a poem for him specially.”  

My mate Dave (a coronation ode)

by Purple Ronnie


Silly Nick Clegg

Has only one leg

And Gordon Brown’s a twerp

But my mate Dave’s so groovy

He makes my bottom burp!

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