Stump watch 1-3

I’d  like to announce the inauguration of a new feature on this blog – Stump watch.  (Nothing to do with cricket, this one, by the way).

Soon after I began writing the blog, almost a year ago exactly, in fact, I complained bitterly – and perhaps unreasonably – about the felling of some horse chestnut trees on the recreation ground at the back of my house (See here).  In part they ringed the cricket ground too, which was perhaps partly the reason for the intensity of my ire. 

I’m pleased to say, though, that one of them hasn’t taken this lying down and has started to spring back into life.  I thought I might provide monthly photographic evidence of its progress (at the risk of appearing completely barmy).  Let’s hope the man from the Council doesn’t latch on to this and turn up with his chainsaw and a spraygun full of DDT, and that – if I and the blog last long enough – we may live to see it grow into a full-grown tree.  Conkers by the Autumn too much to hope for, I suspect. 

Do feel free, incidentally, to read into this stump any symbolic significance that may strike you as appropriate. 

So here are the first three photographs – from March, April and May.

Stump watch 1 March 2010


Stump watch 2 April 2010


Stump watch 3 May 2010

4 thoughts on “Stump watch 1-3

  1. How completely lovely – a very hopeful sight.
    (That is not to say that you’re NOT completely barmy by the way, in case you needed any reassurance…)

    • Thank you, WH, that is very reassuring. Good to hear from you again. Look forward to hearing more from you in the near future.

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