Games for May : cricket!

The end of the Bank Holiday, and that rather dismal end-of-the-holidays feel about it.  I’ve also just been to the last day of county cricket at Grace Road that I shall be able to get to until 29th July, and it’s the last day of May – so, too, the last day that I have a reason for posting this video.

See Emily Play was originally entitled Games for May (after a Happening at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, involving recordings of birdsong and bubble machines), and I’m pleased to see that The Pink Floyd, as they styled themselves at this time, agreed with me that the appropriate game for May was cricket.  Some of Leicestershire’s younger batsmen (J. Cobb for instance) might like to observe the inevitable consequence of trying to play a lofted straight drive whilst gazing at the heavens.  Nick Mason should also be made aware that the practice of taking a catch with a hat has been illegal since the nineteenth century, and results in the award of five runs to the batting side.

Although this song was written and sung by Roger “Syd” Barrett,  he is sadly absent from this clip, filmed in Belgium while he was incapacitated.  I’m told there’s a Hillman Imp in the background somewhere.

What larks!


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