Stump watch : June

Stumpwatch for June

Stumpwatch for June

Short of time again, I’m afraid, and slighty stumped for what to write about, so this might have to be a  little trunkated.  So, it’s the return of that popular feature – Stump watch.  Our plucky stump is making spirited, if unspectacular, progress. 

I see, incidentally, from The Observer’s Book of  Trees (1975 ed., by Herbert L. Edlin) that –

“Horse chestnut is planted only as an ornamental tree, to make a brave display in a park, along an avenue, or on some woodland fringe.  Introduced to Vienna from Istanbul in 1576, horse chestnut is so called because the Turks fed its nuts to broken-winded horses.  But most animals, except deer, refuse to eat the tough bitter seeds that are so unlike the delicious sweet chestnuts.”

Soon, no doubt, we shall all be reduced to eating horse chestnuts, like broken-winded horses.  I wonder if there are any recipes out there that might make them any more palatable?

To put the stump into context, here we see the noble and ancient game of cricket being played in the background.  Let us hope the stump one day grows tall and broad enough to obscure the view.

2 thoughts on “Stump watch : June

  1. Very cunning literary device, watching the chestnut stump juxtaposed with watching the cricket stump.

    And no, you can’t eat horse chestnuts, although I believe preparations can be made which are both relaxing and very good for the skin and hair. A little research may be done (not that I’m persistently feeding off your blog or anything…

    Ah! I’ve remembered another thing about them. The wood from the horse chestnut is a fabulous building material and in wealthy households was sometimes used for roof beams. Apparently beetles and woodworm hate it. Deene Park in Northants has a wonderful example in the dining hall.

  2. Do feed away – I could certainly do with a relaxing preparation. Perhaps that’s where our original tree went – to provide roof beams for wealthy households?

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