The Aftermath of Defeat



A small private lake a short walk from the Brampton Valley Way.  As the evening sky lowers, a tattered flag of St. George (as supplied by the Sun newspaper) struggles to disentangle itself from a tree.  Nearby, the burnt-out remains of a campfire (actually a disposable barbecue set from Sainsbury’s) has scorched the earth.

But, with a little imagination, you could half have the sense of the aftermath of some disastrous medieval battle here.

4 thoughts on “The Aftermath of Defeat

  1. Lovely picture. You don’t need a disastrous medieval battle, though – witness the forlorn flag of abandoned English optimism!

    • Very true, I’m afraid. You could have produced quite an effective photo essay by going round the day after England lost and photographing what had happened to all the England flags. There must be a land fill site full of the things somewhere.

  2. Thank you, WH. I thought it would make a good photo. I’m now on my second camera, by the way, (the first, slightly posher, one expired). This one was the second cheapest in Argos, but seems to do the job.

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