With My Eyes Wide Open I’m Dreaming : Virginia Astley

A desperately lazy weekend, I’m afraid, or rather, as it isn’t really the weekend’s fault, but mine, a desperately lazy blogger. 

But still, to prevent this becoming the first weekend when I’ve failed to post anything at all, here is a snap of the Brampton Valley Way in mid-July.  The wild roses have all but gone, the sloes and berries are still in their infancy, but these flowers (and I wish I knew what they were called) are in full bloom.  If you look very closely you may be able to see bees and butterflies and (just out of view) some of the squadron of swifts that were putting on an astonishing display of aerobatics overhead.


And for anyone who happens to be listening in overseas and would like to be reminded of how an English Summer’s day feels, may I recommend the following selection from the LP From Gardens Where We Feel Secure, by Miss Virginia Astley, from 1983.  This album sometimes feels like it’s barely music at all, more a simulation of what it would be like to lie in bed through the progress of a Summer’s day with younger sisters practising the piano (and oboe) in the room below. 

This track – the album follows the progress of the day from waking to sleeping – is the first, and is entitled With My Eyes Wide Open I’m Dreaming:

2 thoughts on “With My Eyes Wide Open I’m Dreaming : Virginia Astley

  1. It is indeed, and thanks to you for providing that information, WH.

    I ought to know what this is called, as it seems very fond of railway lines (which is what the BVW used to be) and grows alongside the line I use to go into work. If I felt like it I could look at it all the way from Harborough to London and back.

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