Amused by its presumption

This year’s James Thurber Memorial Prize for the most imaginative personification of a bottle goes, I think, to Victoria Moore of the Guardian.

The Domaine Pichard Madiran 2003, she thinks,  “feels like a good conversation”.  But with the Finest Pessac Leognan 2000 (£22.99 at Tesco) “the conversation is effortlessly highbrow.  But I also know that if yesterday’s socks fell out of my jeans leg while I was chatting to it, the Finest Pessac Leognan would put me at ease”. 

I wish I had the same confidence in the wine I was drinking this evening (Sainsbury’s, £6.49 for 2 litres).  I suspect in the same circumstances it would point, guffaw helplessly and take pictures on its mobile ‘phone.


3 thoughts on “Amused by its presumption

  1. Pretentious toss if you ask me. And if you will risk ASBO wine, you’ve only yourself to blame. Slippery slope towards Diamond White, you mark my words.

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