Amused by its presumption 2

Some more highlights from this week’s column from the Guardian’s wine correspondent, Victoria Moore, who, I feel,  is shaping up to become one of our leading humourists.

This summer, my freezer has never been without a good stock of ice cubes filled with leftover Moka espresso” – (well, whose has?).  The Blind River Sauvignon Blanc 2009 (£12.99) is “a white that grabs you by the eyeballs”  (ouch!).  The Chilean Casa Silva Coast Sauvignon Blanc 2009 (£12.99) is “a liitle too nettley and almost painfully linear” (ouch! again – those linear wines can really give you a headache).  Thomas Mitchell Marsanne 2008 (£6.99) is “a good, cheap, Australian house wine … try it with oily fish, say swordfish barbecued with a squeeze of citrus” (a good way to use up any leftover swordfish you happen to have left lying about).

I do like the sound of Yalumba Y-series Pinot Grigio 2009 (£7.49 at the Co-op), though – “very gently spicy, with the slightest waft of an almost musky perfume, as if you’ve caught a familiar perfume on a warm breeze and then lost it again.”

Well that does sound good, and well worth £7.49.  I shall be down to the Co-Op first thing.


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