Sufjan Stevens : the Transfiguration

Friday (6th August) was the Feast of the Transfiguration.  Although it is a significant day in the Anglican calendar, it has never attracted much in the way of popular feasts and celebrations.  I suppose there is little need of them at this time of year, and it is hard to make any connection between the events of the Transfiguration and what is occurring in the natural world.  Here, in the Parish of the Transfiguration in Little Bowden, we are apparently having a barbecue after evensong tonight, but this is not believed to be a custom of any great antiquity.

What it has done, though, is to inspire that rarest of things – a worthwhile piece of contemporary popular music (outside the gospel tradition) with a Christian – indeed doctrinally orthodox – theme.  This is Sufjan Stevens, from his 2004 album Seven Swans, and it’s The Transfiguration.

6 thoughts on “Sufjan Stevens : the Transfiguration

  1. I have never come across anyone else who has heard of Sufjan Stevens! Triffic. He started a project to make an album for every state in America but got bored after Illinois.

    • Ahh, but they have (heard of him) and who wouldn’t (get bored after Illinois). Snow Patrol even make reference to Sufjan Stevens, directly, in the song…”Hands Open”. Chicago.. Lovely. Which is how I found out about him. I do think it’s time he did the other 49 though.

      • Thank you for your comment, Cripplesmith. I wonder whether you’ve checked out WH’s blog directly? Always a good read, I find.

  2. I do like his stuff. Perhaps he should have a go at writing about Rutland – he should be able to get an e.p. out of that, at least.

    • She’s listed under Leicestershire Life on the blogroll at the top of the blog. Try that. (Assuming you mean how can you check out WH’s blog).

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