Clouds of Glory

Leicestershire v Gloucestershire, Grace Road, County Championship Day 1, 7th September

So this was it then, the last day of County Cricket for me at Grace Road this season.  I’m afraid I did find my attention wandering a little – more so even than it usually does – though I hope you’ll agree I had a reasonable excuse for being so distracted.

Leicestershire batted first.  A 10.30 start (as we are now in September), heavy rain overnight, a little mist in the air and Jon Lewis opening the bowling.  What could possibly go wrong for the Foxes?  Three wickets down for 36 in eight overs, including J.W.A. Taylor (lbw Lewis 0 -that betting syndicate must be rubbing its hands).

But then, as the long day drew on and the mist cleared, the doughty Du Toit, the canny Nixon, that young stalwart New, the evergreen Henderson and the lusty swishing of the tail hauled Leicestershire to just short of an unhoped-for 300.  But, as I say, my attention wandered.  (For those dazzled by fame, incidentally, Wild Man of Rock’n’roll Tom Meighan of Kasabian was having a few beers in the Fox Bar with his Dad).  But it wasn’t him – it was the clouds.

Clouds aren’t usually a welcome sight at a cricket ground (as you may know they threaten rain and rain stops play) but these were so vast and magnificent, such continents of vapour forming, dissolving and reforming that even the sight of Nadeem Malik giving it the old long handle couldn’t entirely hold my attention.

Here are a few snaps :

Ah well, a few images there to sustain me through the long Winter (in pensive or in vacant mood) …

Winter Well, old friends …




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