Stump Watch : September

We near the end of the month, and so it’s time for that ever-popular feature Stump Watch.

As Autumns go, this one has been a bit of a soggy non-event so far, and – as it enters its first Autumn in its new incarnation – our stump is a bit half-hearted too (neither green nor gold), but still quite pretty in this light –

Stump Watch September 2010

You may be wondering, incidentally, how this assortment of shoots will eventually turn into a tall and majestic horse chestnut.  Well, apparently, according to Herbert L. Edlin, in his work The Observer’s book of Trees –

“They  [trees] are distinguished from shrubs by their distinct main trunks, which develop because one of the tallest shoots gains dominance over its competitors, and is therefore called ‘the leader'”.

Rather like the Miliband brothers, then.  Here is a close up of the sticky tip of the current leader –

The Leader


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