Travel Restrictions Announced

Bringing together a couple of recent preoccupations, it sounds as though, if I fancy leaving the country again, I’d better get a move on – if an interview with Ray Davies in the latest issue of Uncut magazine is to be believed –

Uncut – So now they’re leaving [the country] for a different reason?

RD – Yeah, and there’s a lot of people doing that.  I think by this time next year, our rights to leave will be taken from us.

Uncut – This time next year … say that again?

RD – Our rights to be leave the country will be … It will be more difficult for us to leave the country.

Uncut – Why?

RD – Because they’ll stop us.

Uncut – Who will?

RD – The Government.

Uncut – They’ll stop us leaving the country?

RD – (Patiently) – Our rights will be gradually eroded.  There’ll be no freedom of movement … I sound crazy, but so be it.  They’re eroding our right to travel.  Ryanair is making life more complicated.  What was 60 quid a pop is now 200+ a pop.

Uncut – But Ryanair is not the Government.

RD – No, it’s private enterprise.  But I think soon this government will restrict our rights to travel.

Uncut – And you don’t just mean making it difficult for people to emigrate?  You mean stopping people from going abroad on holidays?

RD – Yeah.  Mmm.  Mmm.  Yeah.

Uncut – You really believe this?

RD – The other night, I went to this event.  The Prime Minister of this country received an award from somebody who was a presenter on Al Jazeera (Laughs loudly).  They just don’t care any more.  We’re talking about serious power … I don’t see Cameron as a bad man.  I see him as what he is.  Someone you bump into in the Home Counties. I’m not frightened of him.  But I fear for what he’s capable of  …

Blimey!  Things are worse than I thought.

4 thoughts on “Travel Restrictions Announced

  1. Read some more comments he made in this interview. That provincialism–called racism more honestly–that has popped up in some of his songs appears. It’s disheartening.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Rosie (that name sounds familiar!). There are some very odd things in that interview (the stuff about Guantanamo in particular). Is there racism in his songs? I must admit I’ve heard very little of his new music since the mid-seventies, but it would be disheartening if so, as you say.

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