A Song for Halloween : Spooky, by Lydia Lunch

Last year I see I marked Halloween by giving what I thought was a rather interesting little lecture on the theology of the Feasts of All Souls and All Saints, and various associated folk customs.  If – by any mischance – you missed it, it is available here.

This year I thought I’d take a lighter approach, so here – from her 1980 album Queen of Siam – is our old friend Lydia Lunch with Spooky.  I once held to the theory that the source of her unusual name was that she was an Italian-American with the not unusual surname Pranzo, but I discover – on looking into it a bit further – that her real name is Koch.  I suppose you can see why she’d want to change it.  No Spanish angle here, I don’t think, though the Spanish for lunch is – roughly – La Comida and I fancy Lydia La Comida has a bit of a ring to it.

2 thoughts on “A Song for Halloween : Spooky, by Lydia Lunch

    • Thanks for that Partikal – interesting too. I used to like a lot of the No Wave music at that time, but don’t remember that film. I see the whole thing’s on YouTube, so perhaps I’ll follow it up.

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