Barefoot Beekeeping

Letter of the day, from this evening’s Standard –

Beekeeping in the Capital

My mum’s garden was full of bees and I have wanted a hive for years.  But the elitist beekeeping world keeps entry barriers high, giving the impression that keeping bees is expensive and requires experience and training.  Then I discovered through “barefoot beekeeping” pioneer Phil Chandler I could build a Kenyan-style hive out of scrap wood and obtain a nucleus of bees for free by capturing a swarm as a registered collector, which I did in an adrenaline-fuelled adventure.  I have since found out I am allergic to bee stings but this has not put me off.

London Beekeeper  

I quite fancy having a crack at this “barefoot beekeeping” myself, once the weather gets a little warmer.  I think we had a wasps’ nest in the garage last year, so perhaps I shall practise on them before progressing to the bees.

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