East Midlands Today : Fox Trapped in Snowdrift

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the snowbound East Midlands, a fox had to be rescued by the emergency services after becoming trapped up to its neck in a snowdrift –

A spokesman for the Taxpayers’ Alliance commented – “At this time of austerity this is a grotesque waste of hardworking taxpayers’ money.  Surely this fox could have been left where it was until the snow melted?  And if it had to be dug out, surely that could have been done by volunteers?  As it this fox will soon be back in the fields and copses making a nuisance of itself.  If you ask me it’s health and safety gone mad …”

Incensed Mum commented

Will no-one think of the chickens!

2 thoughts on “East Midlands Today : Fox Trapped in Snowdrift

  1. Judging by the amount of activity by The Fernie Hunt of late, I’m amazed there are any foxes left to get stuck in snow drifts. I agree, though, that it was not appropriate to get Fireman Sam out of bed.

  2. Quite a good time of year for fox spotting actually. Normally they’re camouflaged, of course, but easily visible in the snow. Perhaps the Fernie are taking advantage of this?

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