Rough Work at the Font

I see from the Daily Mail that the most popular name for boys born in the U.K. last year was Oliver (for girls it was Olivia). 

I’ve nothing against the name, but I wonder why this would be.  I’ve checked, and I can’t see that the survey was sponsored by Olivio (the popular olive-based spread).  I doubt if it’s inspired by O. Hardy or O. Reed, and I’m quite certain it’s nothing to do with Oliver Letwin.

The best I can come up with would be the Lloyd Webber instigated talent contest to find a new Oliver Twist, or perhaps the popular TV chef Jamie Oliver.  But neither of these explain the popularity of Olivia.   

I also wonder what was going on in the heads of the parents of this man, whose grave lies in the Churchyard at Brixworth, and how soon it took him to tire of hearing the same jokes.

The Grave of Oliver Cromwell


4 thoughts on “Rough Work at the Font

  1. I thought the most popular name turned out to be Mohammed? They interviewed several of them on the Radio, or is that just the most popular name for boys generally? Or something.

    • I think that report was in the Mail too – so probably about as reliable as the other one. I think the thing is that if you count all the variants of Mohammed as a single name then that’s the most popular one. If not then it’s Oliver. Or something, as you say.

  2. Aha. Alles clar. Wouldn’t it be brilliant if there was some wierd freaky thing and, completely out of the blue, the most popular name turned out to Wulfstan or Patella. If you could persuade everyone in Norfolk to name their next child Wulfstan, oh do you think, the Walrus said…..

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