Another chance to see … Epiphany, by Andrew Norris

A little late for the day itself, but as this is the first Sunday after Epiphany, I thought I’d offer another chance to view this video, which I first posted on here back in the Spring.  It is one of the very few posts on this blog that I return to from time to time – not to re-read my own deathless prose, but to watch the video again.

It’s called Epiphany, and was assembled by the artist Andrew Norris from excerpts from the film A Canterbury Tale, by Powell and Pressburger, with music from Gorecki’s Symphony of Sorrowful Songs.  Rather wonderful, in my view.

I see that the last time I posted this – (see here) – I was musing rather aimlessly on the subject of slowness, in the context of train travel.  Still topical, I suppose, in the light of the government’s decision to continue with the last one’s misbegotten plan for a high speed train link between London and Birmingham.

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