A Postcard from the Other Side : Miss Peggy Morgan

Today’s post is something in the nature of an experiment.  I’ve recently discovered that our unreliable and truculent printer can also act as a scanner (why does no-one tell me these things?), and I thought it might be rather fun to scan something in.  Well it wasn’t fun (I’ve spent so long looking at and manipulating pictures of Miss Peggy Morgan that I’ve become strangely fixated with her) but I’ve eventually managed it, after a fashion, and I can see whole new vistas opening up before me.   

Miss Morgan is the star of a postcard that I bought today at Harborough’s antique market.  I think she must have been an actress, but the only trace she has left on the internet (assuming she isn’t the one who was working in “adult films” in the 1990s, which I think unlikely) is as a kind of postcard star.  Perhaps that was a viable career in those days.

The card was sent to a Miss N. Elliott of Stuart St. Leicester from Hinkley on 30th December 1918, and the message reads –

Dear Nellie

Just a card to say that my friend and I are coming on Tuesday the 8.20 train from Hinckley.  It will perhaps be too early for you to meet us but if you can come we will be on the lookout for you do not come if auntie needs you

Best love


Nellie and Gladys have probably left even fewer stains on the silence than Peggy, but they have, at least, left this one.  I picture them as cousins, Nellie hampered by an ailing mother (perhaps a touch of Spanish ‘flu?), Gladys bringing a new boyfriend (newly returned from the front?) over to meet the family.  Let us hope it all went well.


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