My Lonely Nesta

 Another Postcard from the Other Side, and an enigmatic little short story in itself.

The verse reads:


“Thy Will Be Done”

My God, my Father, while I stray

Far from my home, on life’s rough way,

O teach me from my heart to say

“Thy Will be done”

Though dark my path, and sad my lot,

Let me be still and murmur not.

Or breathe the prayer divinely taught

“Thy Will be done”.


The young woman in the picture appears to be in mourning, and returning from a grave or chapel of rest – but what is the significance of the small red bag or purse that she is holding?  Or is it a Bible or Prayer Book?

The card is addressed to : Miss N. Hughes – 4, Poplar Grove, Seaforth, Liverpool, is postmarked Croeslan and dated 2nd August 1909.  It is unsigned and reads –

“Dear Nesta.

I have been wondering a great deal how you are getting on.  Shall be very glad to see you home.  Ceridio (?) & myself never went near the picnic after all.”

Croeslan is a small village in rural Ceredigion.  Seaforth – in those days – was a fairly genteel seaside town (the childhood home of W.E. Gladstone).  I’d guess the sender of the card was Nesta’s mother.  But beyond that I think we can only speculate.


(And what might have happened at that picnic?) 



2 thoughts on “My Lonely Nesta

  1. It’s incredibly touching isn’t it? These postcards are super, they’re like little carboard time machines which make people from the past absolutely real. Maybe Nesta had been recently bereaved at a time when she and her friends were to have gone on an outing associated with their church or youth group and they didn’t go because they didn’t want to answer questions. Maybe she lost a lover and went away to avoid scandal or embarrassment? Maybe he sailed to America or Canada and she decided not to go with him.

    You must write a novel about it at once, one of those fat ones with a watercolour on the front and call it ‘A Postcard to Nesta’. This time next year, you’ll be a miw-yon-air

  2. More good thinking there, WH. I’ll get cracking on that immediately. Champagne’s on ice already.

    I have found out a little bit more about Nesta, and there is a bit of an unexpected twist …

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