Stump Watch and Nest Watch – Together At Last!

I promised dramatic developments in the continuing story of the stump and – as you will see – this was no idle boast.  You may remember that – a few months ago – I noted the arrival of a sort of official alternative  to our feral stump, in the shape of a young sapling (a beech, possibly), planted a few feet away.

And now – someone has removed the support from the sapling, cut it in half  and tried to dig it up!  Like so –

Although it is perfectly true that I expressed misgivings about the effect that the sapling might have on our stump, I can in no way condone acts of mindless vandalism.  In fact it is a great pity that the actions of a small number of violent hooligans, hell-bent on trouble, have diverted attention from the much larger group of law abiding citizens making a legitimate and peaceful protest … (continued all newspapers p. 94).  Anarchists, probably – they seem to get everywhere.

The stump does seem to have taken advantage of the situation, and is beginning to bud a little –

Meanwhile, back in the Belly of the Beast, our magpie’s nest is now a robust and sizeable structure (the remains of the old nest are visible towards the lower left hand side of the tree, with a magpie in it) –

They now seem to be at the stage of lining the nest with mud – I did try to snap one with a great clod in its beak, but it seemed to find this undignified and flew away. 

I fancy we shall soon be hearing the beating of tiny wings.

2 thoughts on “Stump Watch and Nest Watch – Together At Last!

  1. You have managed to include magpies, stumps, politics, birth, vandalism and anarchy into one short post. A triumph yessir.

    Incidentally the individuals who dug up the sapling should be transported, although I’m not quite sure where to.

  2. Well, it’s different, isn’t it, this Blog? I think you have to give it that.

    Rushden, I should think. That’ll teach ’em.

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