Jack Wills v. the Advertising Standards Authority

In today’s news, I see that Jack Wills have been made to withdraw their Spring catalogue following complaints from parents.

One angry mother apparently wrote to the ASA in the following terms –

“I like to think I’m not easily shocked, but I picked this up when I was cleaning my daughter’s bedroom and, frankly, I was disgusted.  £19.00 for a pair of pants?  £39.00 for a scarf?  £129.00 for a “Bobbington Aran Cardigan”?  Have they no shame?”

Another wrote –

“I had to hide the catalogue before my husband came home – I was afraid he’d have a heart attack if he saw it!  £98.00 for a cotton cricket sweater!  £269.00 for a “Welburn Blazer”!  I couldn’t believe my eyes!”

Incensed Mum (of Market Harborough) commented –

“My son tried to hide this grubby publication under his bed – but – don’t worry – I found it!  I’m incensed!!!!”

 (Two other complaints – that the catalogue might mislead ordinary middle-class children into thinking that they might be able to afford to go to University, and that Jack Wills had used the names of innocent English towns and villages (e.g. “The Hinckley shirt“) without asking permission were dismissed.  The ASA said that the first was “obviously politically motivated” and that the second “Isn’t really our problem“.

All Perfectly Innocent

3 thoughts on “Jack Wills v. the Advertising Standards Authority

  1. I suppose just saying ‘no’ to your children is out of the question? Or, more radical still, encourage them to develop their own style instead of cloning themselves? Grrrr

    Perpetually Disgruntled of Great Bowden

  2. My 2 girls and son are aware of how Prada & Gucci cost, let alone a relatively cheaper high street brands like Jack Wills, Aubin & Wills, Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch.

    We can’t afford to clothe our children week to week in such luxury brands – Perhaps a treat at Christmas or Birthdays. But, I am not offended by prices at all. I find the JW catalogue’s mildly sexual photography more eyebrow raising than the prices. Shouldn’t that be cause for offence, for some parents?

    I agree with the poster above, if your child reads a catalogue, sees a tv or magazine advert or a rich friend wearing a ‘must have’ item of fashionable clothing and begs you for it, simply saying no and explaining rationally why should be enough. If you’ve raised your children to be unreasonable, ungrateful, and disrespectful then, i’m afraid, you have bigger issues to deal with.

  3. Well quite, Father. I’m afraid that the point of this (no doubt feeble and ill-judged) joke was that the parents were, indeed, complaining about the “mildly sexual photography”, rather than, as I would have expected, about how expensive it all was. The real story is revealed if you click on the bit with the dotted line under it.

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