April, by Helen Hunt Jackson (Warning – this post contains an image some viewers may find offensive)

Over to Helen Hunt Jackson, for her preview of the new month.



No days such honored days as these! When yet
Fair Aphrodite reigned, men seeking wide
For some fair thing which should forever bide
On earth, her beauteous memory to set
In fitting frame that no age could forget,
Her name in lovely April’s name did hide,
And leave it there, eternally allied
To all the fairest flowers Spring did beget.
And when fair Aphrodite passed from earth,
Her shrines forgotten and her feasts of mirth,
A holier symbol still in seal and sign,
Sweet April took, of kingdom most divine,
When Christ ascended, in the time of birth
Of spring anemones, in Palestine.

I think Ascension Day is technically in May (or occasionally June), and the idea that April’s name derives from Aphrodite is questionable.  But let us have a look at fair Aphrodite anyway.  This picture is taken from the Jack Wills Spring Catalogue of c. 150 A.D.  “It’s a disgrace!  We demand this blog be withdrawn! etc.” – 19 Concerned Parents.   


Walmington-on-Sea Beach Robe - £199.00

5 thoughts on “April, by Helen Hunt Jackson (Warning – this post contains an image some viewers may find offensive)

  1. I love your blog. I love the fact it contains all kinds of everything…although now with the cricket season i may regret saying that hahaha 😉

    • Thanks, Jan. I do aim for a bit of variety. I’m afraid there is likely to be a lot of cricket for the next few months – though mixed in with other things. Otherwise, you could come back in September!

  2. Hahaha good one…i’m not online much during the summer months anyway…life is too short and all that, but i’ll drop in when i can…just to see if the cricket has been rained off for the whole season 😉

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