Here’s one I made earlier (before I lost my camera).

Kettering now has a “Restaurant Quarter” (an ambition I quite admire).  What it doesn’t have, at the moment, are many restaurants (in fact the admirably ambitious –  if pricy – Piccadilly Classics (a cafe) has just closed down).  What is does have is a growing number of empty shops.  What to do?  Well, here’s one solution (in the window of an empty shop) –

A sort of artist’s impression of what the “Restaurant Quarter” will look like when the plan comes to fruition – here we see a couple of bright young things sharing the latest hot gossip over a tall, skinny Frappuccino, or something similar.

Perhaps the Borough Council should employ an artist specialising in trompe l’oeuil effects to create an illusion of what the Restaurant Quarter ought to look like in an ideal world?  I wonder whether Rex Whistler is still available?

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