Rosy Showers Shed : Helen Hunt Jackson on May

Helen Hunt Jackson’s thoughts on the month of May (one of her best, I think).  “Sacred month unto the old” refers to Ovid’s belief that May was sacred to the “maiores” – the elders – rather than the usual suggestion of Maia (a fertility goddess).


O month when they who love must love and wed!
Were one to go to worlds where May is naught,
And seek to tell the memories he had brought
From earth of thee, what were most fitly said?
I know not if the rosy showers shed
From apple-boughs, or if the soft green wrought
In fields, or if the robin’s call be fraught
The most with thy delight. Perhaps they read
Thee best who in the ancient time did say
Thou wert the sacred month unto the old:
No blossom blooms upon thy brightest day
So subtly sweet as memories which unfold
In aged hearts which in thy sunshine lie,
To sun themselves once more before they die.


Plenty of “rosy showers” and “soft green” on show at our local cricket grounds over the weekend.  This the entrance to Fairfield Road on Saturday


and Little Bowden Rec yesterday evening –


Did my “aged heart” a power of good, I don’t mind telling you.


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