Stump Watch for May 2011

We interrupt the cricket coverage to bring you this month’s edition of Stump Watch.

Strange how writing a blog intensifies one’s awareness of the passage of time.  It was in the first month of this blog’s life (May 2009)  that I first complained about the cutting down of this tree.  Now it is, at least, a sizeable and rather attractive bush.  By the time it is fully grown again I do wonder where this blog and its author will be.  Quite possibly at one with Nineveh and Tyre.

Cycles in the sporting world are slightly shorter, I suppose.  I see that I wrote on 2nd May 2009 –“good news from Lords – James Taylor … one of Leicestershire’s bright young things, has registered his  first  first class century and helped save the  match”.  (In fact it wasn’t at Lord’s, but Southgate).  Two years on, Taylor has eight first-class centuries (and three list A ones) to his credit.  If he retires at – say – thirty-five, this blog will have to run for another fourteen years to mark the end of it.

It also occurs to me, incidentally, that when Mark Ramprakash reached his hundredth century, there was unanimity among the commentators that he would be the last to achieve this feat.  If Taylor plays for as long as Ramprakash, could up his current rate slightly and avoid playing too much international cricket, he should exceed it without too much difficulty.

2 thoughts on “Stump Watch for May 2011

  1. It does indeed – though mainly in the direction of cricket at the moment, I’m afraid. Winter will be here again sooner than we think, though.

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