Young People These Days …

From this month’s Cricketer.

Sajid Mahmood of Lancashire and Gerard Brophy of Yorkshire are answering questions about Roses cricket.

Q – How many County Championships have Yorkshire and Lancashire won between them?

Mahmood – Three.

Brophy – No, it’s got to be more than that.  I reckon seven.

Mahmood – Never.

A – 37.  Out of interest, which of the two counties has won the Championship most?

Mahmood – It’s got to be Lancashire.

Q – Name the top five Test run-scorers who played for Yorkshire and Lancashire?

Mahmood– What about Fairbrother?  David Lloyd?

Brophy – We’ve got four. Vaughan, Boycott, Atherton and Hutton.

Mahmood – Sutton?  Luke Sutton never played for England. 

(Geoffrey Boycott – Now that’s what I call …)

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