Stump Watch for September 2011

As the number of posts in between the monthly Stump Watches seems to be dwindling a little, I sometimes have the suspicion that the Stump is turning into some kind of terrible Triffid-like thing that is determined to occupy and colonise the blog completely.

One day I shall log on and find that the title has been replaced with Stump Watch Blog, and the Stump is making daily appearances. 

You can’t see it from this angle, but a few more twigs have been snapped off the Stump since it last appeared.  I put this down to the belief – very common in Little Bowden – that branches from horse chestnut trees offer protection against spiders.


2 thoughts on “Stump Watch for September 2011

  1. Conkers definitely help as they contain a chemical that spiders find repellant. Another interesting thing about horse chestnut wood is that it has a natural woodworm repellent. Deene Hall, ancestral home of Lord Cardigan, has all the roof timbers in the great hall made out of horse chestnut from the estate and there’s not a worm in ’em.

    • I do wonder how people originally made these discoveries. Did they find a spider and poke it with the branches from various trees until they found one that made it run away screaming?

      It does seem to work though – our house is lined with conkers and horse chestnut branches and no sign of the 8-legged fiends for ages.

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