A Photograph Of A Ghost

A Halloween special.

When I came to have my photographs of Matlock Bath developed, I was astonished to find that, among my snaps of the Venetian Night boat parade on the River (taken from the Jubilee Bridge) there was this –  

– quite clearly a ghost – perhaps of someone unlucky on the Lovers’ Walk – who had thrown themselves from the bridge in a fit of despair.  In a second photograph, the ghost – perhaps startled by the flash from the camera – has dissolved into a swirling mass of ectoplasm –

Explain that one away, if you can, Psychic Investigators …


2 thoughts on “A Photograph Of A Ghost

  1. Whilst I recognise that you have had a ghastly shock that will probably render you sleepless for weeks to come, is it possible that you have had an horrid visitation from the fiendish Marlboro Red?

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