Kick It Out!

Racism in sport.  Everyone’s talking about it.

Now this blog has uncovered evidence that a sinister form of apartheid may be operating in the world of equestrianism in the Matlock Bath area – 

Questions must be asked.

Coloured horses?  Why can’t they travel in the same horse-box as the snowy white ones??  What is this????  South Africa???!!!! 

(Actually, ‘coloured’ seems to mean piebald.  Why this needs to be announced on the outside of the box I’m not sure, nor why you need to be particularly cautious of them.) 




2 thoughts on “Kick It Out!

  1. It’s the equine equivalent of the Baby stickers in cars:-

    Caution Horses = Baby on Board
    Coloured Horses = Princess / Tiny Terror on Board
    Piebald Horses = My other car’s a Mercedes

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