Stump Watch St Pancras 2

Well, that was quick.  The Lego tree at St Pancras is now in its full majesty and lit up like the fleet.  As you can probably tell from the picture, it must be one of the most photographed trees in existence, though I like to think I was one of the first to capture it in its formative stages.  Perhaps one day I shall be able to say the same about our own dear Stump.  

I surmised the other day that the tree might be the work of the folk in the branch of Hamley’s at St Pancras.  Not so, according to the Evening Standard.  Apparently, it was “made by children from Edith Neville Primary School, Camden and Copenhagen Primary School Islington as well as the Harpenden Explorer Scouts Unit” (perhaps the Explorer Scouts were the ones who scaled the summit of the tree – SAS-style – in the final stages of its construction) and “created by Duncan Titmarsh of Bright Bricks, the UK’s only certified Lego Professional” (a career there for any young person to aspire to).

So it’s Hats Off and Mince Pies All Round to all involved!

Incidentally I have, once again, risked my liberty to bring you this story.  Moments after I’d taken a snap of the tree from the “upper concourse” an announcement came over the Tannoy that flash photography was Strictly Prohibited on the platform and the station concourse.  Why this is, I’m not sure.  I suppose it might be distracting to a driver if a flash went off as he was arriving into the station.  Or, perhaps, there is a danger that one of the armed police one often sees at St P might mistake a camera flash for an explosion and rake the platform with sub-machine gun fire, or, at best, wrestle me to the ground and electrocute me.

Rather disconcertingly, immediately after this incident, I found myself sharing a table on the train home with three (very amiable) policemen.  

It’s a police state, I tell you!  What about Magna Carta! etc. 

2 thoughts on “Stump Watch St Pancras 2

  1. By ‘flash photography’ could they have meant swanning around with an expensive tripod and a large Leica with a worrying amount of lenses and filters draped about your person? Perhaps a small and elderly Minox might have passed muster?

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