Vale : Taylor Minissimus

So, farewell then, James Taylor, the man who has made more appearances on this blog than any other.  But no longer.

Not dead, fortunately, but he has passed out from the sight of the faithful at Grace Road by – as long anticipated on this blog and elsewhere – signing for Nottinghamshire with one year left on his Leicestershire contract.  I suppose I’m pleased that it’s Nottinghamshire and not Warwickshire.  I might get to see him play now and again, and it’s quite gratifying to see the King of Spain getting his beard singed. 

Taylor does also have what in ye olden days would have been a birth qualification for Notts, having been born in Nottingham.  There has been some confusion about this in the past : the LCCC website and Wikipedia say he was born in Burrough on the Hill (unlikely, unless he was born on the site of an Iron Age hillfort, perhaps accompanied by a clap of thunder and other momentous signs and portents).  The Cricketers’ Who’s Who claims it was Melton itself, but the lad himself recently clarified the situation via a questionnaire in Spin magazine –

Place of Birth: Nottingham, only because mum didn’t like Leicester hospital.”

On the down side this means that Leicester now have five specialist contracted batsman (last year’s first class averages in brackets) – Will Jefferson (35.96), Matt Boyce (27.16), Greg Smith (25.83), Jacques du Toit (19.72) and Josh Cobb (11.94). 

I suppose I can continue to follow Taylor’s progress via his Twitter feed.  This is very much a real-time version of the kinds of diaries published by Ed Smith and Peter Roebuck, a fascinating glimpse of the gnawing insecurity and existential dread that haunts the mind of the professional cricketer on the verge of England selection … well actually no it isn’t (and I don’t think I’d wish it to be).  The impression is of a naturally ebullient character, not much given to introspection,  whose interests are sport (any sport), “banter” with his M8s and food.  Preparing to tour India with England A he tweets –

will somebody please order me a steak I am starving!!!! i#longtouronarehands

and then again –

Just sat in the lounge waiting for the flight to india! Should be a decent trip, plenty of curries!
Ahem.  Shouldn’t that be plenty of protein shakes, young man?  You’re playing for England now, you know …

Having banked his first pay cheque, Taylor tries on his new Nottinghamshire blazer


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