Caroline Kissed Jess Here

For Valentine’s Day, and to continue the intermittent theme of the various ways in which we commemorate our lives, some graffiti on a railway bridge between Little Bowden and Braybrooke – Caroline kissed Jess here 1999. 

I’m not quite sure how she (assuming it was Caroline who wrote it) could have done this.  I sort of picture her hanging off the bridge in one of those contraptions that window cleaners use to clean the windows of skyscrapers, but I suppose it’s more likely that she hung over the edge of the bridge – dodging passing trains – writing upside down, and referring back to a piece of paper as she did so.

However she did it, it must have been a truly memorable kiss to go to these lengths to commemorate it.  It’s quite impressive that it’s managed to last since 1999 – though more impressive still if she’d gone back there in 2009 and still thought it worth the effort.    

Nowadays, I suppose, she would just have updated her Facebook status (In a relationship).  Not the same thing at all, and all too easily reversible.

2 thoughts on “Caroline Kissed Jess Here

    • That was my first thought, actually – though I think Jess might have been a Jesse, and it might have something to do with one of the travellers’ sites near this bridge.

      Irrelevantly, the actress who played Jess’s girlfriend in the TV version of Oranges … – Cathy Bradshaw – was one of my sisters’ BFs when we lived near Blackpool. A very striking girl, even then.

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