Post Sixth Form Choices (Old Style And New)

We have been looking recently at some cartoons from Punch that suggest life in Britain has not – in every respect – changed a great deal since the 1930s. 

But here’s one from 1977 that illustrates how some things have changed out of all recognition .

In the ’70s Punch ran a caption competition where they would reprint an old cartoon and invite readers to supply a contemporary caption.  Thirty years on the older captions often seem funnier than the newer ones.  I thought I’d have a go at reviving this feature.

2012 caption – “Our choice is simple – pay £9,000 in tuition fees or work in Poundland for nothing.”

(I was in the sixth form in 1977 – we didn’t know how lucky we were.)

2 thoughts on “Post Sixth Form Choices (Old Style And New)

  1. Very good. It is very important to remain close to the breadline until such time as one’s children have finished their education, it’s the only way middle class children are going to afford one.

    Saying that, when I went to college I spent a large chunk of my first term’s grant on a black leather mini-skirt with zips on it. With a skirt like that, other people will feed you. I’ll burn my bra tomorrow……

  2. Doesn’t bear thinking about. I think my best option financially is to go for the death in service grant.

    I had a pair of rather nasty imitation leather trousers when I was a student, but no-one fed me. Perhaps I was too choosy.

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