Caption Competition No. 2 : Boer War Cricket

Another go at reviving dear old Punch’s caption competition.  This one, by Bernard Partridge,  is from the time of the Boer War –


1901 caption – Kitchener (Captain and Wicket- keeper) – “He has kept us in the field a deuce of a time, but we’ll get him now we’ve closed in for catches.”

2012 caption – England wicket-keeper (sotto voce) – “Psst, Kruger – you sure you don’t have an English granny?”

2 thoughts on “Caption Competition No. 2 : Boer War Cricket

  1. Lovely drawing and great alternative caption.

    Bernard Partridge was a colleague of my great-grandfather (Leonard Raven-Hill) who worked on Punch at the same time and their style was not dissimilar. I love looking at the old cartoons because it’s such an immediate art form and so intimately relevant to the day on which it was published. Today’s ‘Matt’ cartoon will seem incomprehensible and not remotely funny to people in a hundred years.

  2. I found this in quite an old book called “The Punch Book of Cricket”, which does have quite a few of your great-grandfather’s drawings in it.

    I’ve always been fascinated by Punch cartoons. We had bound volumes of it in the school library – I think because Owen Seaman, who was the editor in the early years of the last century, had been a master at the school (he was the inspiration for Eeyore, apparently).

    I find the drawings often still work wonderfully well as drawings (especially your g-g’s), even when the joke has become a bit obscure.

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