90 Second Update (Leicestershire v Essex)

Leicestershire v Essex, County Championship, Grace Rd., County Championship, Day 2

I’m afraid blogging on this site  is likely to be intermittent until the end of the GCSE season.  My daughter is doing hers, and apparently the answers are all on the Internet.*  A truly up-to-date Assertive Parent would no doubt exclaim “Step aside, Child – I need to address the Nation on a Matter of Some Importance” – but I’m afraid that would less than the truth.

Today was a little like one of those ‘cycle races where the competitors wobble painfully slowly round the track together for several laps until one of them finally decides to make a frantic dash for the finishing line.  Except that – this being cricket – it went on all day, and no-one’s made the dash yet.

Leicestershire had closed overnight on 323-5, largely thanks to a stand between that Compton and Edrich de nos jours  Sarwan and Cobb.  In the hopeful morning this was extended to 372, thanks to the invaluable Eckersley and the stalwart White. 

By lunch, Essex had  lost a couple of quick wickets, but recovered, thanks to a stand between Westley and Pettini which lasted all afternoon and would have been a delight to anyone whose favourite stroke is the judicious leave.  It might have been more enjoyable to watch if it had been sunny and there was a chance of having forty winks.

As I decided to call it a day at about 4.45 the admirable gateman commented ‘it’s all gone dead, hasn’t it?’.  It does seem to have revived slightly after I left, with Essex closing on 239-5.  Given how desperate both sides must be for a result, there does seem some chance of contriving a finish for Saturday, when I have hopes of returning .

Unfortunately, I left my camera at home, so cannot provide photographic evidence of the day’s most exciting event, when Will Jefferson unexpectedly took the field wearing a full-length ball gown.  So you’ll just have to take my word for it that this actually happened.

*n.b. not an accurate representation of the State of Modern Education.

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