Stump Watch For June 2012

You may have noticed that this blog has been rather fading away this month.  Your correspondent has – and continues to be – preoccupied with work of the paid variety and the family computer has been occupied for reasons related to the extended GCSE season.

I hope to resume a more normal service next month.  The GCSEs are finished, the immediate work-related pressure should have slackened by then, Leicestershire’s recent victory in the exciting new 8/8 format may have dispersed the miasma of gloom hanging over Grace Road and I’m sure we’re in for a record-breaking July (perhaps even in a Good Way).

But I’m afraid this will have to do for the moment – a slightly premature Stump Watch.  Encouraging, though, that something that so recently looked dead and gone can recover so soon.  I shall endeavour to take it as an example.


2 thoughts on “Stump Watch For June 2012

    • Good to hear from you again, WH. The remarkable thing is that several trees were cut down but it’s only the Stump that keeps on coming back again. I think Enchantment’s the only rational explanation. We’ve just missed the Solstice, otherwise I’d pop out and perform a ceremony of some sort.

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