Things To Do In Radlett When It’s Raining

Well, the first leg of my July ‘Anywhere but Grace Road’ tour was a predictable fiasco.  The first day I’d chosen to watch Middlesex 2nds play Surrey 2nds at Radlett was cancelled so that the Surrey players could attend Tom Maynard’s funeral.  My second attempt on the Friday was rained off – though that didn’t stop me turning up at the ground. I may have something further to say about this in the near future.

But what do the good folk of  Radlett find to do with themselves when it’s raining – other than take photographs of cricket pavilions? If you don’t mind waiting until September, there seems to be something for everyone at the Radlett Centre (‘Tiny Mites at the Seaside‘, I imagine, is a lecture by a marine entomologist).





To occupy the long, wet,  summer months, though, this seems to be about it.

(I’m struggling to think of what Sherlock Holmes might have in common with Tony Benn.  Both fictional characters represented by actors?  Both wear deer-stalkers? Cocaine? Both pipe-smokers, I suppose.)

This week it’s onwards to Edgbaston, God help me.


3 thoughts on “Things To Do In Radlett When It’s Raining

  1. Still in the land of the living, thank you WH – though if I could have found a big enough puddle I’d probably have thrown myself into it. Yes – the one in Hertfordshire. Probably v. pleasant in other circumstances.

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