Guess The Ground Round

I’m afraid I’ve taken advantage of the fine weather to spend all weekend watching cricket, rather than writing about it, but as it seems a shame to let a week go by without troubling the scorers at all, here is a brief quiz.  Which is the County Ground described thus in Justin Langer’s ‘From Outback to Outfield‘ (Headline, 1999)?

[Mystery ground] is a very attractive cricket ground as far as cricket grounds go.  The new, white indoor school acts as an over-accommodating sightscreen, the green trees to the right of the homely pavilion [or left, unless you happen to be in the pavilion] add a touch of nature


and the old church steeple adds a touch of nostalgia to the playing arena.


Add to these a lush green outfield and a flat brownish pitch


and you have the makings of a most enjoyable day playing cricket.”

Worcester? Canterbury?

No, it’s dear old Wantage Road, and it’s good to know that someone appreciates it.  It did look a picture on Saturday, even if what was happening on the pitch was exasperating (frankly, I just didn’t know what was going off out there).  More to follow on that subject, and I think I can tell I’ve got you hooked already!

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