Puttin’ On The Ritz : A Picture Quiz

(If you don’t feel in the mood for a quiz, by all means feel free simply to enjoy looking at the picture.  Always nice to see a group of cricketers looking well turned out.)

Here we see six members of the same club, who have clearly been putting on their top hats, brushing off their tails, duding up their shirt fronts and polishing their nails, stepping out to breathe an atmosphere that simply reeks of class.  But who are they and where are they going?

I am looking here for

a)  The club

b) The identity of the bareheaded man in the foreground

c) The very tall man in the middle of the back row

d) The occasion.

Some clues would be that c) was the subject of two of most famous passages of descriptive writing (or purple prose, if you don’t appreciate it) in cricket’s history and was described by my Grandfather as the best (or most enjoyable) batsman he ever saw in action;  b) shares a nickname with a current member of the England Lions squad.

Of the two other members of the party that I’ve been able to identify, the young man in spats on the far left of the picture was the only Englishman to have played first class cricket before the First War and after the Second, and ended his career as the scorer for Leicestershire 2nd XI.  The older cove with the cane was the brother of the Governor of South Australia and is said to have deliberately run out his Captain, The Hon. F.S. Jackson, in the 1892 University Match, yelling “Get back, Jacker, I’m set!”.

A special prize of a lifetime’s free subscription to this blog goes to anyone who can identify the other two (about whom I frankly have no idea).

5 thoughts on “Puttin’ On The Ritz : A Picture Quiz

  1. My answers to this quiz:

    a) Kent
    b) ‘Tich’ Freeman (who shares a nickname with James Taylor)
    c) Frank Woolley
    d) (a guess) Wykeham Cornwallis’s wedding in 1917. Cornwallis later became the 2nd Baron Cornwallis.

    The one on the far left of the photo is Bill Ashdown. The ‘older cove with the cane’ is Gerry Weigall. I have no idea about the other two.

  2. Many thanks for taking the trouble to reply. Yes, you’re quite right on all counts, except that it was the wedding of Les Ames rather than Cornwallis (though there’s no earthly reason why anyone should know that).

    Do drop by again!

  3. If it is the wedding of Les Ames, the photograph dates from 30th April 1930 – three days before the first match of the season against Oxford University at The Parks (Ames played and made 12 in Ken’t only innings!). I think the player on Frank Woolley’s right is a very young Doug Wright and the one on the extreme right looks like Peter Sunnucks but probably isn’t as he didn’t play for Kent at any level until 1932 and 1934 for the first XI. Those ears, however, are quite distinctive!

  4. Having investigated further, I find my suggestions were wrong.On the extreme left is Bill Ashdown the others behind Tich Freeman are Claude Woolley, Frank Woolley, Gerry Weigall and Sidney Hearn. I’m told the photograph is from Frank Woolley’s book King of Games although it doesn’t appear in my edition. It seems there were one or two on the Kent staff at that time who needed their ears pinned!

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