Decent Obscurity

Although I can’t remember a year where I’ve been paying less attention, it seems a shame to let the climax of the football season pass without mention.  So here is a report from the Harborough Mail‘s Football Correspondent Alec Swann (he also doubles up as one of the Northants Telegraph‘s (very good) Cricket Correspondents and would, perhaps, in a less celebrity-obsessed world, stand at least as much chance as his brother of appearing on TMS).

The Corsetmen have spent the entire season rooted to the foot of the table but have, at the last minute, performed a Houdini act to escape relegation from the Premier Division of the United Counties League to the First Division (there is no Second Division).  I’m pleased to say that Manager Gordon Kyle, unlike some of his more eminent contemporaries, is a stranger to braggadaccio:

“Our aim was always to finish at the top of the bottom three and we managed to achieve that.  Next year we’re looking for mid-table obscurity.”

Decent obscurity

And here, as a bonus, is a Spot the Ball competition (First Prize a Postal Order for 10 Shillings).  Struggling against relegation, Harborough are 2-0 down in their last home match of the season and their no 5 is through on goal in the last 10 minutes …

Spot the ball


Summer well, muddied oafs …