Rough Work at the Font

I see from the Daily Mail that the most popular name for boys born in the U.K. last year was Oliver (for girls it was Olivia). 

I’ve nothing against the name, but I wonder why this would be.  I’ve checked, and I can’t see that the survey was sponsored by Olivio (the popular olive-based spread).  I doubt if it’s inspired by O. Hardy or O. Reed, and I’m quite certain it’s nothing to do with Oliver Letwin.

The best I can come up with would be the Lloyd Webber instigated talent contest to find a new Oliver Twist, or perhaps the popular TV chef Jamie Oliver.  But neither of these explain the popularity of Olivia.   

I also wonder what was going on in the heads of the parents of this man, whose grave lies in the Churchyard at Brixworth, and how soon it took him to tire of hearing the same jokes.

The Grave of Oliver Cromwell

Happy Birthday, Carol Vordeman!

Today is Carol Vordeman’s fiftieth birthday (and mine).  Happy birthday, Carol!

Apart from expressing the vague aspiration to avoid turning into a reactionary old curmudgeon, I can think of nothing of any significance to say about this momentous milestone in my life, and hers (and I have a party to go to shortly).  

So, instead, I thought you might enjoy this photograph of the churchyard of the Saxon church at Brixworth in the snow .  If you ever feel the need to clear your head, by the way, this is a very good place to go.

And so it’s a Merry Christmas to you all (and a Happy Birthday to me).