Edith Sitwell v Noel Coward (1923)

Having mentioned Dame Edith Sitwell in passing the other day I wondered idly if she had made it on to Youtube – I know she was interviewed by John Freeman, for instance, and I’m sure I remember some film of her declaiming her verses from a wheelchair for the entertainment of Her Majesty the Queen (I imagine the Duke of E., in particular, would have enjoyed this).  But – oh dear! – how cross she would be! – the best I could come up with was the following clip.

It is the sketch “Swiss Family Whittlebot“, from Noel Coward’s 1923 revue “London Calling“, in which he burlesqued the Sitwells, to Edith’s intense and lasting fury.  The part of Hernia Whittlebot (i.e. E.S.) is played by Maisie Gay.  Rather confusingly, the sound track is another song from the same revue, also performed by Miss Gay.

(Mind you, I rather like the lyric –

“Ten thousand roses have I got within a garden wall,

God give me strength to sniff the lot,

Oh let me sniff them all!”

– I’ve certainly heard a lot worse over the years).

(Anyone interested in a discussion of who is better – Coward or Sitwell (and no, there isn’t only one way to find out) might enjoy this, from the website of the popular singer Nick Currie (a.k.a. Momus) – Coward v. Sitwell).

(And whatever happened to the word Whittlebot, or Whittlebottom (meaning an overly anxious person)?  A great favourite of my mother’s, but I’ve not heard it in years).

Let’s be superficial always, Darling, and pity the poor philosophers!*

Another quiz, I’m afraid.

Try to guess which politician, or, failing that, the politician from which party, answered thus to a question posed by a reader, apparently, in today’s Independent.

Q – Which [Conservative/Liberal/Socialist] philosophers do you most admire?

A. – I don’t have a favourite [C/L/S] philosopher as such and prefer to listen to a broad range of influences … So, for example, I am a fan of Malcolm Gladwell’s books (“The Tipping Point”, “Blink”), which tend to study human behaviour and have interesting things to say about what motivates us and how we make judgement calls.

This is, of course, Grant Shapps, Conservative Housing Spokesman – couldn’t be anyone else really, could it?  Or could it?

* From ‘Private Lives’ by Noel Coward.