Autumn Almanac : the Kinks

No point avoiding the obvious for the sake of it.  It’s Autumn, and so this is Autumn Almanac by the Kinks.

A slightly puzzling feature here is why Ray Davies is festooned in rosettes.  Assuming this clip is from November 1967 – which is when I think it must have been in the charts – the only election being fought was a by-election in the now-defunct constituency of Leicester South-West.  I think it’s unlikely he would have had strong views about that.  Elsewhere in the country, though, there was an outbreak of foot and mouth disease and the pound was being devalued (both of which, peculiarly, I can remember), so it’s possible that the rosettes are an oblique comment on the performance of the Government of the day.   Or perhaps something to do with with the football.

This song was apparently inspired by an elderly gardener, whom Davies used to watch tending the garden next door to his house in Muswell Hill.  I suppose if the gardener was a council tenant then, according to the proposals of the current regime, however much he might have wanted never to leave his street – even if he lived to be 99 – he might have had to, if it were to be decreed to be too large for him.

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