Leicestershire v Kent, Grace Road, County Championship, 6th June

“Leicestershire is just depressing” – Chris Silverwood (this month’s Wisden Cricketer, in reponse to the question “Which is your least favourite ground?” – not apropos of nothing). 

[n.b. the above para isn’t in large, bold type because I think it’s particularly significant – I just hit a function key by accident and can’t work out how to get rid of it].

No play possible (rain).  Didn’t even make it to the ground.

Still, there’s always tomorrow.

“Thunder against”  (c. G. Flaubert) 20/20 on TMS blog as follows –

104. At 8:09pm on 06 Jun 2009, Backwatersman wrote: Props (as I think they say these days) to no. 64. My views entirely.

“The worst day for English cricket”? This is preposterous. I couldn’t care less.

What’s worse, almost, than this bewildering statement is that, when challenged, the only alternatives OB can think of stretch back as far as er… 2006. Is the BBC really employing 12 year olds to write these blogs?

If it is true that “cricket only has a future as a global professional sport through Twenty20”, then I’m quite happy for it to go away and mutate into a different sport altogether (for financial reasons) in the manner you describe. I’ll stick with club, village and (quite possibly semi-professional) county cricket.

I did try, incidentally, to listen to the BBC’s commentary on the W. Indies v Australia match today, but turned off after about 15 minutes through sheer boredom – a new experience for me.

Cheap thrills are available anywhere these days, and this variety ain’t that thrilling, nor – if you want to attend the match – even particularly cheap. The pleasures of proper cricket are unique – let’s not destroy them. Verb. sap., Old Sport.

Watching the highlights on TV as I type : consists solely of boundaries and wickets.

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