Health and safety gone mad!!!! (not to mention Top Cat)

Baffling remark of the day,  in today’s “My media”  questionnaire in The Guardian –


The Guardian and Telegraph online.  I can’t handle physical papers – having a toddler around makes them a hazard.”

I have had a toddler around the house, and I can honestly say that at no point did it occur to me that a physical paper would be a hazard.  Hot irons – yes, kettles – yes, newspapers – no.  Perhaps she’s worried that she’ll be tempted to roll the paper up and whack the infant over the head with it, or possibly that – if the child is precocious enough to read – it’ll risk brain damage by reading some of the drivel the Grauniad publishes these days.  No doubt she has her reasons, but otherwise I’m lost.

Mind you, she also says –


I’m obsessed with Top Gear, although I’ve no interest in cars – the humour, the storytelling and the cinematography are all brilliant.”

The humour is subjective, but storytelling? – cinematography?  Perhaps she’s confusing it with Top Gun, or, indeed, Top Cat?




Top Cat

Top Cat

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