LPs of the decade no. 4 : Funeral – Arcade Fire

A quill

And so the excitement mounts – or not – as the countdown continues.  More accordions on this one too. 

I suppose it says something about how I have gradually come adrift from the mainstream of British culture over the past decade that I think I’d struggle to think of more than about ten pop albums released in that period that I actually like more than a little, and even among those I find it hard to remember which year they were released in, or to connect them with anything other than themselves.  By contrast, I could probably identify the year, at least, of any chart single released in the ‘seventies and remember what I was doing at the time I first heard it.  Part of the problem may be that, since moving to Harborough (in 2002) I chiefly listen to music when I’M ON THE TRAIN !!!, so what these songs remind me of is generally, I fear, being … on a train.

This song, and video will, I’m afraid, have to remain self-explanatory, as I’m not sure that I have a reasonable explanation for either.  I  do remember, though, that I bought it – in an independent record shop (now presumably deceased) – on an exploratory day trip to Loughborough soon after it was released in 2005 (and, in fact, listened to it ON THE TRAIN!!! on the way home).

This song is called Laika.  The original Laika (literally Barker) was the unfortunate dog who was launched into space – never to return (as they well knew) – by the Soviets in 1959.  At least she made it onto a Romanian stamp –

Poor Laika on a stamp

And here’s the song –

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